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R & D Center
Quality Supervision

The Laboratory was founded in 1989 and renamed as "Sichuan Jingrui Inspection and Testing Co., Ltd." in 2019. The Company adopts quality policies that guide our actions to deliver products and services that are “Scientific, Fair, Efficient, and Honest”, and promises that it will carry out objective, scientific and fair evaluation of samples of the commissioning party.

Currently the Company has laboratories with space over 800m2. It is equipped with more than 20 large-scale analytical instruments valued over CNY 8.6 million. At present, it has, together with the Analytical and Testing Center of Sichuan University of Science and Engineering, established a Shared Service Platform of Southern Sichuan for the Research, Development and Inspection of Fine Chemicals. Research conducted by the Company covers chemical analysis, instrument analysis, the analysis of research and development matters, the establishment of systems, and so on.

At present, 163 parameters of water, gas and acoustic environment monitoring and 132 parameters of 75 chemical products have obtained qualification certificates issued by Administration for Market Regulation of Sichuan Province. Apart from undertaking quality inspection of chemical products and environmental monitoring, the Company also provides enterprises and relevant organizations with other services, such as consultation and establishment of analytical methods, laboratory design, personnel training, and the selection and maintenance of analytical instruments, etc.

The inspection will be carried out independently by the Company without any administrative or commercial interference or influence, and the Company will tackle with the confidential business information or technologies of the commissioning party under a shroud of secrecy and will be liable for relevant legal responsibilities. We are willing to cooperate with enterprises and groups engaging in the research and development, manufacture, sale and utilization of chemical products. Through such win-win cooperation, we can contribute to the formation of a recognized inspection service platform.

Research Cooperation
1、Refinement of analytical methods for instruments and study of new analytical methods
2、Laboratory design, configuration of instruments and equipment, and establishment of analytical methods
3、Research on and preparation of standards for chemical products of enterprises
4、Development of new products, and research on and development of analytical methods for the implementation of new projects
5、Analysis of unknown materials

Analysis and test service
1、163 parameters of environmental monitoring (water, gas and sound); 132 parameters of 75 chemical products
2、Analysis of intermediate products and product from fine chemical industry, qualitative and quantitative test
3、Qualitative and quantitative detection of inorganic and organic substances
4、Qualitative and quantitative detection of anion and cation
5、Detection of physical and chemical parameters of chemical products
6、Detection of environmental pollutants
7、Preparation and calibration of standard solution
8、Consulting service of analytical testing technology



      Gas Chromatograph Instrument FID TCD FPD

      Scope of Application: It can be used to analyze the purity of raw materials and products of chemical industry, the composition and content of impurities, and the composition and content of mixed solvents. It can also be used to analyze new products when the company is commissioned or needs to cooperate with others.


      Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry Instrument 
      Scope of application:
      1. This instrument can be adopted in research concerning complex mixed products with low thermal stability, such as fine chemical products, pharmaceutical intermediates, surface active agents, etc.; and it can also be adopted in qualitative and quantitative analysis of components;
      2. It can also be used to analyze samples of all kinds of complex products and unknown materials. 


      Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry Instrument
      Scope of application:
      1. It can be used in qualitative and quantitative analysis of trace target compounds in organic chemical products, environmental samples and biological samples;
      2. It can also be used in the segregation and structural analysis of complex organic compounds, such as petrochemical products, drugs, organic solvents, and so on.
      3. It can also be used to analyze samples of all kinds of complex products and unknown materials.


      Ion Chromatograph 

      Scope of application:
      This instrument is mainly used in the inspection of anions, such as F-, Cl-, Br-, NO3-, NO2-, SO42-, PO43-, formic acid and ethanoic acid, in environmental, organic and inorganic chemical products.


      Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
      Scope of application:
      1. It is used in the quantitative analysis of multiple elements of common metals, including alkali metals, alkaline-earth metals, nonferrous metals, ferrous metals and precious metals;
      2. It is widely used in many domains such as metallurgy, geology, soil, agriculture, environment, medicine, biological study, food, and petrochemical engineering, etc.


      Malvern Particle Size Analyzer
      Scope of application:
      It is used in the size distribution and Zeta potential testing in nano coatings, nano metal powders, nano ceramics, nano oxides, proteins, polymer latexes, paints, pigments, printing inks, and all other nano materials research, production, and use.。


      Thermal Gravimetric Analyzer
      Scope of application:
      It is used to conduct research concerning materials, such as: mass variation, compositional analysis, thermal stability, oxidation/reduction, decomposition, corrosion, and decomposition kinetic analysis, etc. 


      Differential Scanning Calorimeter
      Scope of application:
      It is widely used in the thermodynamic study, phase transition study, and crystallization kinetics study of various organic, inorganic, polymeric materials, metallic materials, semiconductor materials, pharmaceuticals, and biomaterials, etc. 


      Karl Fischer Moisture Analyzer                                   
      Scope of application:
      It is used for the moisture measurement of organic and inorganic chemical product.

      Ultraviolet-Visible Spectrophotometer
      Scope of application:
      It is used to measure the absorbance of the materials within the wavelength coverage of 190-800nm, and it is widely applied in the measurement of the organic and inorganic micro, ultra-micro and constant substances.


      Abbe Refractometer
      Scope of application:
      1. It is used to measure the refractive index of the (semi)transparent liquid and (semi)transparent solid.
      2. The abbe refractometer can be used to measure the sugar concentration of the sucrose solution. 

      Contact Information:
      Manager: Qian jiang
      Tel: +86-813-2760054     +86 18909008508
      Responsible person: He honglian
      Tel: +86-813-2760027     +86 13330813237
      Address: No.41 Honghe road, Zigong city, Sichuan province, China
      Zip code: 643000
      Tel: +86-813 -2760027, 2760054

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