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      Molecular formula:C6H11NO2                  
      Molecular weight: 129.16

      1、 Product property:
      This is the colorless transparent liquid with non-toxic and non-corrosion. Melting point 10℃, Boiling point 246℃ (0.101MPa) , Density (20℃) 1.116, Index of refraction =1.4380. The product may mix dissolve with the water, the lower alcohol, and easy to dissolve in the common organic solvent. The chemical property is stable under the generic condition and the thermal decomposition temperature is bigger than 230℃. In the heat and under the strong acid function, it may have the acidolysis respond to produce morpholine salt and acetic acid.

      2、Quality index:
      N-Acetylmorpholine ≥ 99%      
      Water ≤ 0.2%

       N-Acetylmorpholine is very important pesticide intermediates. It is one of the main raw material to compose agricultural fungicides dimethomorph and flumorph. The mixture of N-acetylmorpholine and N-formylmorpholine is the fine Solvent removal of acid gases in natural gas and the synthetic gas and is used in the Morphysorb new craft which the overseas recent years developed.

      4、Packing and Storage:
      The product is packed in plastic bucket with net weight of 200kg per bucket.

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